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The College Curriculum

The College offers three programmes:

• Year 9 (13-14-year-olds): a preparation course for entry into a British curriculum school in Year 10

(Curriculum summary for Year 9)


• Years 10-11 (14-16-year-olds): a two-year course combining IGCSEs with preparation for studying A Levels or the IB in Years 12 and 13 

(Curriculum summary for Years 10 & 11)


• Year 11 (15-16-year-olds): a preparation course for entry into an A Level or IB school in Years 12 and 13; IGCSEs will be delivered depending upon ability and level of English

(Curriculum summary for Years 10 & 11)


All courses lead to their own Graduation Certificate 

Entrance to The King’s School, Canterbury, will be possible subject to competitive entrance exams

College-curriculum_landscape College Graduation Certificate   
timetable Typical timetable   

College Graduation Certificate

The curriculum within any programme is an innovative but sensible mixture of traditional and modern, comprising both compulsory and elective subjects, but emphasising wider personal development as well as academic achievement.

Students will take externally assessed qualifications (usually IGCSEs) in English language, Mathematics, Science and Global Perspectives. Depending upon their programme of study, their ability and command of the language, they will have opportunity to choose some elective subjects from: Art, Economics, History, Further Maths, Mandarin, Music and Photography.

However, a key feature of the College curriculum will be its programme of enrichment and extension, known as The Enrichment Programme and the overall emphasis on Personal Development. The Enrichment Programme will include cross-curricular lessons in the humanities, critical thinking, theory of knowledge, business and coding.