The College offers three programmes:

• Year 9 (13-14-year-olds): a preparation course for entry into a British curriculum school in Year 10

Curriculum summary for Year 9


• Year 10 + Y11 (14-16-year-olds): a two-year course combining in Y10: the study of some GCSEs with a broad introduction to other subjects with Y11: the continuation of GCSEs started in Y10 with optional one-year courses

Curriculum summary for Year 10


• Year 11 (15-16-year-olds): an intensive one-year GCSE course, preparing students for Sixth Form entry into an A Level or IB school in Years 12 and 13

Curriculum summary for Year 11


Entrance to The King’s School, Canterbury, will be possible subject to competitive entrance exams

Typical-timetable-landscape-21 Typical timetable