Core Themes

Whilst it is recognised that pupils learn and teachers teach in many different ways, the focus is upon the development of three core skills:

The School promotes a spirit of enquiry beyond the confines of our pupils’ immediate experiences and the requirements of examination syllabuses. Through encouraging an awareness of their voyage of discovery, and helping them to develop skills that are relevant and useful, we aim to help them develop a joy of learning for learning’s sake.

Information does not mean knowledge and knowledge does not always lead to deeper learning. In today’s world with information everywhere, it is essential that our pupils are challenged in the classrooms, debating chambers and forums to turn what they have discovered into something useful, meaningful and lasting.

Sharing education is fundamental: it aids, reinforces and deepens learning. Pupils live together and are encouraged wherever applicable to work together in a supportive and vibrant community. They learn the skills of creative expression through artdramamusic and sport as well as understanding the power and responsibility of the written and spoken word.

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