Facilities & Resources for Learning

Just as learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom and laboratory, so teaching is not physically restricted. Through the College intranet VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) students are able to access all of King’s extensive resources as well as their own. The Intranet also enables mobile interaction between teachers and students, as well as between the students themselves. In other words, the discussion can continue outside the classroom.

The College has fast wi-fi as well as network points in teaching and study areas and a dedicated computer room.

Classrooms and laboratories are small but flexible spaces with both standard whiteboards around the room and touch screen technology. Most rooms are on the ground floor of the College, though two science laboratories and the base for art and photography are on the first floor of the Malthouse.

The boarding facilities enjoy separate study areas each for a maximum of 12 students. It is in these areas where they will work during the evenings and at set times over the week-ends.

The College has a small library, but students will have access to the extensive King’s library.