Education takes place anywhere and everywhere, at all times of the day, and in many forms. At King’s we believe strongly that the co-curricular side of life both complements and enhances the development of the enquiring mind. Academic excellence combined with creative activity and individual expression makes a vibrant and highly motivated community.

All students will have opportunities for both team and individual sport, making use of King’s superb facilities, all within walking distance of the College. Art and photography is available within the Malthouse itself, as of course will drama in exciting new studios. The College has its own music technology room as well as traditional practice space, and students will be able to take lessons in individual instruments with King’s highly experienced visiting music teachers. We expect music, especially, to play a very important part in the life of many of our students. 

It is also hoped that some will want to participate in King’s Week, the week-long festival of all the arts which takes place at the end of the academic year.

The College timetable allows for what is known at King’s as ‘Activities’. During this time, and at others in the week, students have opportunity to follow a range of interests, widening their overall skill-set and experiences. More details of the Activities programme will be available later.

The College also arranges cultural and historical trips and visits throughout the year.

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