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Staff at the College are all highly trained. Whether they work in the classroom, offices, the boarding house, or in the dining hall, all our staff are empathetic to the needs of international boarders and their families, especially when it is their first experience of boarding in the UK.

We all work together as a team to ensure that our students feel completely supported in all aspects of College life.

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A Foreword from the Headmaster of The King's School

At the heart of a King’s education is the dual pursuit of academic and co-curricular excellence. The wide-ranging interests, the intellectual ambition and the development of self discipline that such pursuits engender are highly prized in our modern global society. The quality of the teaching and the breadth of the activities outside the classroom mean that the lessons learnt and the skills acquired stay with our pupils for life.

An essential feature of this process is the way in which it does not matter if the passion is for sport, music, acting or chess – to make a random selection of the plethora of opportunities for young people at King’s.

That all this takes place in such a beautiful and historic context with the support and guidance of a talented and dedicated staff explains why I am so proud and enthusiastic about leading this very special school. 

Peter Roberts

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College Principals

We believe a British boarding school education develops sound academic skills and also opportunities for development beyond the classroom through activities and through living together. The College aims to give international students access to this kind of education along with the pastoral care that will help prepare them for study in an English-speaking school or university in the future.

Wherever you are from, you are welcome at the College and in our truly international community. In your time with us, you will gain the academic and social skills you need for further study. More importantly, you will gain experiences in the classroom, living in the College, and in the wide range of activities we offer that will stay with you for life.

Bill and Jo Prior 
College Joint Principals 


College Staff

Our Admissions and Administration team ensure that parents, students, and guardians feel supported at all times, from long before they arrive in Canterbury; during the holidays; and after they have moved on to their new school.

Our teachers are highly trained and very well qualified. Many have worked and lived abroad and bring their international experiences to the classroom. A number of our teachers are graduates of Oxford and Cambridge and bring their knowledge of the best of UK education into their work at the College.