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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is regarded as an essential part of the College’s ethos. The welfare of the students will always be the College’s primary responsibility.

All students are under the care of the Joint College Principals. There is also a residential Deputy Housemaster/Housemistress and a Matron.

Both the Principals and their Deputy also overview academic progress, but are be supported in this by the Director of Learning. The Matron is responsible for daily and routine health matters, such as ensuring hygiene dispensing medicines, organising doctors’ appointments, etc.

In the King’s tradition, all other subject teachers act as pastoral and academic tutors with evening boarding duties. The Tutor System has existed at King’s since 1886 and is a key feature of the community.

A full system of learning support is available to assist those with dyslexia or other learning difficulties.

The College has its own small medical area, but students will also have access to the well-equipped King’s Health Centre run by a team of fully qualified nursing sisters.

Two qualified Counsellors, one male and one female, are available for all students.

The King’s Chaplaincy team also exercise a pastoral role in the College, being available to staff and students, of all religions or none, as friend and counsellor.

Tutor-System-landscape_2 The Tutor System   
Health Care2 The King's School Health Centre